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DIY Story Stones

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DIY STORY STONES_Make the Most of it

We have loved playing with our story stones and I am so excited to show you 2 DIY story stone ideas for you to try out yourself. For our first set, I hand painted little pictures on each stone. You could try this for your kids, or even let them have fun painting their own if they are old enough to work on a smaller surface. These turned out very cute and my kids love to play with them, making up their own stories. Need theme ideas? Check out my post on 5 Ways to Use Story Stones!

The next set was made using printed letters. I simply printed them off on regular printer paper and cut them out. I used a block alphabet font so that we could play with letter recognition and word building, but you could use this method for pictures too, especially for any story book characters or your kid’s favorite tv show characters!

After trying out both methods, I found the printed version a lot easier and less time-consuming. I got the letters done in one nap time! But both methods work and the kids have enjoyed interacting with both kinds of stones.



River Rocks (I got mine for a dollar at Dollar Tree, but these are similar)

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Matte Finish

Paintbrushes (you can use anything you have, the smaller the better for detailed painting!)


One: Paint a base.

DIY Story Stones_ Make the Most of it

Our Rocks were black, so the first thing I did was paint a white base on each rock.

For the planet rocks, I just painted a white circle on each rock as a base for the color of each planet.

For the rest of our rocks, I just painted one side of the rock white as a background for different mini figures and pictures.

Two: Paint your design.

Get creative! I looked up examples of the planets and played around with colors to look like different planets. For the rest of our rocks, I tried to think of what the kids would want to include in their stories. I would pick a theme and do 2 or three rocks in that theme. Better yet, let the kids come up with what they want to paint! The paintings can be as simple or detailed as you like. They don’t need to be perfect to be fun.

Better yet, let the kids come up with what they want to paint! The paintings can be as simple or detailed as you like. They don’t need to be perfect to be fun.

Three: Paint a matte finish over the whole picture after your paint dries! You’ll want to protect your little works of art as much as possible. They will get bumped around and dirty, and they will eventually chip, but the matte finish will help delay all of that.

Four: Let the matte finish dry and that’s it! Let the fun begin!



River Rocks (I got mine for a dollar at Dollar Tree, but these are similar)

Printed Clipart


Foam Brush

Mod Podge

Alphabet story stones during nap time! (And netflix because #friYAY)

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One: Paint the rock with a layer of Mod Podge

Two: Place clip art cut out on top.

DIY STORY STONES 2_Make the Most of it

Three: Paint another layer of Mod Podge on top. This seals the paper to the rock and will dry clear!

Four: Let it dry and have fun playing!

I hope you have so much fun making your own DIY story stones! I’d love to see what you come up with!

5 Ways to Use Story Stones

5 Ways to Use Story Stones

Have you heard of story stones? Or maybe you’ve heard of them but don’t know how to use them?

As I was looking around Pinterest for no screen time activities (we cut our screen time this summer!), I kept coming across these fun painted rocks and I just knew I had to try them out. Rocks draw kids in, even plain ones! Add pictures or words on them, and kids of all ages can’t resist. They just feel good to pick up and move around!

I began to search around for how to use them in different ways and came up with 5 ways to use story stones so I thought I would share with you!

5 Ways to use Story Stones

There are endless ways to use story stones! Here are 5 ways to use Story Stones to get you started:

1. Story Building – Start your story with any stone, you can either grab them as a surprise or lay them out and let your kids pick which one they want to use next.

Example; I pick up an apple, and I start my story with, “There once was a very special apple who didn’t want to be eaten.” Then pick another stone, and add on to your story! Say the second stone is an umbrella. I would add onto my apple story with, “The special apple carried around an umbrella to use like a shield anytime someone tried to take a bite out of her!” Continue to add as many stones as you like until your story is finished.

My kids like to take turns within the same story, building off of each other’s stories. It gets so goofy, they almost always end in laughing tears!

2. Color Sorting – For younger kids, challenge them by asking them to sort each stone by color. After you sort, you can count how many of each color you have, which one has the most, least, etc. I just love all the ideas from A Crafty Living. She has so many great examples of how they use their story stones. Aren’t they just gorgeous? 

3. Book Reading – I have used a few books with our stones so far. We have a colors book that I use to encourage color sorting. Animal books can also be used, find the stone to match the animal on the page. You can even have them pick a stone to tell the story in the book. We have a sheep on one of our stones, and it would be so fun to have the sheep read a book about a sheep with us!

4. Adding to Nature – Fairy gardens would be a great way to take story stones outside, paint a few fairies and your kiddos can play with them out in the flowers and plants, then if they get left outside, it’s no big deal! Another idea is to write kind notes on a stone and leave them in parks for others to find. Such a cute little kindness activity for the kids! Story stones are also great additions to sensory bins of all types!

5. Word Building and Addition – Make a set of alphabet stones for word building or letter recognition! Putting numbers on your stones can help with homework or number learning. Look at these really cute examples! (Lady bug spot numbers, domino stones, numbers for homework help)

5 Ways to use Story Stones facebooks

Let Your Kids Lead The Way!

Let your kids lead the way! How do they want to play with them? They might surprise you and come up with a new way you never thought of. Encourage them to get creative with what’s on the stone itself. Did you paint a water droplet for rain? Maybe it can be a tear of sadness or happiness! A Water droplet could be a drop of blue paint or the bath after the painter finishes her masterpiece.

Age will play a huge role in how your kids will like to play. I have an 8 year old, 6 year old, and an 18 month old. They all want to play in different ways!

Play According to Age

Finn, our 18 month old just likes to pick them up and move them, he likes to take them out of the bag that holds them, but them back in…over and over and over. He also has begun to hold one out and ask, “this?”. I love that he is learning some words as he plays! The stones that we used are large, he can grab them easily, and when he tests the limits by putting them in his mouth (which he HAS done!) they fill his whole mouth, giving me enough peace of mind that I know if he’s trying it. I always watch him closely as we play.

Olive, our 6-year-old, is still learning to read. I can not wait to make some alphabet stones so we can build words to go along with the stories she likes to create. Right now, her favorite way to play is to build a story one stone at a time. She loves the stone with a book on it, it’s her “Once Upon a Time” starter stone, every time!

Eli, our 8-year-old, is less adventurous in his imaginative play. I do love that these encourage that part of his play, it stretches him a bit and that’s great. He’s picked them up on his own several times, which I wasn’t expecting. I included the solar system rocks in our first set to give him a way to explore in a specific way. We looked up our solar system and he matched which rocks he thought represented each planet. He also lined them up in order and we discussed orbit, gravity, and atmosphere!

5 Ways to Use Story Stones Insta

Build Your Collection

Start with a handful of rocks and paint or mod podge some images on them, you can start with anything! I made sure to have a girl and boy figure as our first two rocks and then just kept adding on. Soon, I’ll be posting a tutorial on how I made our story stones. Stay tuned!!

Continue building on your story stone collection. Here are some ideas just to get you started.

Book Themes:

Does your toddler want to read the same book, over and over? Try creating a few stones to go with that book. You can even print out pictures and use mod podge!

Christmas Nativity (love these! from Rainy Day Mum), Easter, 4th of July, Birthday

Special Events

First day of school, 4 Seasons, Birth of Sibling

Pop Culture
Emojis, Fidget Spinners, Favorite TV or Movie Characters (mod podge and cutouts!)

Your Family, Cousins and Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents


Cars/Trucks, Buildings, Bikes


Trees, Flowers, Animals


Planets, Stars, Spaceships


Clouds, Lightning, Snow


Tent, Campfire, S’more


Book, Pencil, Ipad


Fruit, Veggies, Pizza


Upper, Lower, Cursive


Roman Numerals, Dominos, (+, -, *,/)


Hammer, Saw, Level


Birds, Farm, Zoo


States, Countries, Landmarks


Crown, Princess/Prince, Castle


Cross, Church Building, Praying Hands

I could go on and on, the best way to start is to pick what your kids are interested in and go from there! I’d love to hear: How would you play with story stones?